How it Works:

  • 6 Weekly Group Mentoring Calls
  • Weekly Encouraging & Empowering Emails
  • Member only Facebook Group
  • 25% off 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
  • 10% off Consulting Services
  • Other Special Member Only Product Offers

Are You Ready to Live Your Dream?

The Live Your Dream Mentoring Group was created to bring like minded people together who want to Dream Big, Launch their Dream, and are ready to Live their Dream now.  So the question is…

Are you ready to be Inspired to Dream Big, Encouraged on the Journey, and Empowered to Live Your Dream?

What's included:

Weekly Group Mentoring Call

Training topics include, Discovering the Real You, Unlocking Your Big Dream, Launching Your Dream, and How Live Your Dream. The group will also have time to ask questions.

Encouraging & Empowering Emails

Sometimes we can get lost in all the details and lose site of the big picture. Weekly Emails will be sent to the Group that include action items, exercises, and encouragement.

Member only Access and Discounts

Be connected to other Big Dreamers with the member only Facebook Group. You will also receive discounts on 1-on-1 Coaching Calls, Consulting Services and Products.

HOW DO YOU KNOW The Live Your Dream Mentor Group IS RIGHT FOR YOU?


  • You have a Big Dream and are ready to pursue it.
  • You want tools and strategies to remove the obstacles.
  • You want the benefit of working with a Mentor.
  • You want to learn how to balance your life and your dream.
  • You want to be Encouraged and Encourage others.
  • You want to start Living Your Dream Life now.

Then YES, Live Your Dream Mentoring Group is definitely FOR YOU!!!

What is Included:

  • First Mentoring call starts the week of Nov 1st
  • Session will go for 6 weeks Nov 1 through Dec 12
  • The Weekly Coaching Calls will be recorded if you are not able to attend live.
  • You will receive weekly emails that will include Action Items and Exercises. 

Special Limited Offer

What is the monthly cost?

Mentoring can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

But when you are starting your dream, you don’t always have the extra cash for the training and mentoring you really need.

That is why I designed this Mentoring Group to offer High Value at an Affordable rate, so you can still invest in your dream.

For a Limited Time Only this Mentoring Group is being Discounted to just $59 for the 6 weeks session.

That’s right, you can be Empowered to Live Your Dream for just a little under $10 a week.

If you are ready to Live Your Dream, Click on the button below to sign up.

10-Day Money Back Guarantee*

*If you join the mentoring group and don’t feel 100% satisfied, you can email me, Jennifer Miller, within 10 days of signing up and receive a refund. Please tell me why you didn’t feel it was worth the money and how we could make the group better. Then we will process your refund right away.

Space is Limited, save your spot today.