Coaching Services

For me learning to Dream Big was a process. I had to heal my heart of past wounds, learn to trust God and myself again and be honest with who I wanted to be and not try and please everyone around me. It was a journey of self discovery.

I am passionate about helping others to dream big, to step out in faith and pursue their dreams, and to be empowered to fulfill their dreams.

I offer Life Coaching sessions. Examples of topics we can discuss in Life Coaching are below:

  • Creating a Personal Mission Statement
  • Discovering Your Unique Personality Type
  • Awakening Your Dreamer
  • Inspiring You to Dream Big and Step Out
  • Encouraging You During the Journey
  • Help Balancing Work, Family and Pursing Your Dream
  • Overcoming self doubt and your inner critic
  • Uncovering any roadblock that are holding you back

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