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My Why…

The reason I am passionate about Empowering Others, comes from my past. Early in my twenties I lost myself. I lost my identity and stopped dreaming. I became a different person to make other people happy. I was depressed, struggled with insecurities and lacked confidence. I lived this way for 9 years, going deeper and deeper into hiding. Then I was given a second chance at life. 

I didn’t want the heartbreak of divorce, but I am grateful for it. Because through the pain of loss, I found myself again. In a short time, I started to bloom and become the real me again. I fell in love with myself and with God in a powerful way. I started to Dream again and see Dream after Dream get fulfilled. I also started to mentor and coach other people to become their true selves and step out into Living their Dream.

This is my why. 



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I have learned how to find my true self, overcome obstacles and know how to Dream Big. That is why I am passionate about coaching you to Empower Your Dream.



Are you ready to Live Your Dream? I can help you turn your Dream into a Reality with my Consulting Services and Solutions that will Empower Your Dream.

Mentoring Group

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