Storms in Your Promise Land

Moving to Houston, Texas was a Dream I had for years. I even had someone tell me it was my Promise Land. I have seen God do so many amazing things in my life and my family since we have moved here 4 1/2 years ago.

But what happens when there is a storm in your Promise Land? What happens when your dream marriage has troubles or your dream business is struggling financially? Does that mean the dream wasn’t really from God?

One of the major lesson’s I have learned by stepping out in faith and pursing my dreams is that it doesn’t mean the absence of struggle, fear, or conflict. But it does mean that God gives you grace to overcome any situation when you are in His will. And that is what we just experienced with Hurricane Harvey.

Even when a tornado came close to our home and flooding was coming up our driveway, I had such peace and faith that even if things got worse God was with us. Because this was our Promise Land. This home we just bought, was a gift from Him and I knew He would protect us, no matter what.

Sometimes, it is the storms in our Promise Land that show us how much God is with us and giving us the trust, faith, and grace to walk through the storm.