Financing Your Dream

When you are in the transitional state, of being in the now but trying to create your future, there can be an interesting tension between the two worlds. You have a Big Dream, you know God gave it to you. But how is it going to happen? How will you finance this dream? When things are tight financially how do you invest in your Dream? It seems almost like a contradiction.

I am a degree-ed accountant, I have had titles such as Director of Finance and Controller. I mean, I used to get paid to control the money for my old company. But the key for me to seeing my dreams finances has been to let go. To not control. To not let my cash flow or my budget dictate my faith level. To look at a bill and have faith God is going to provide a way to pay the bill on time and in full.

You see if God gave you the dream, than it is His responsibility to fund that Dream not yours. But so often we try to do everything in our own strength and overburden ourselves trying to solve a problem, that was never ours in the first place. God wants your Dream fulfilled. He gave it to you because it was part of His divine plan. And He says that He will give you everything you need to do His will.

So let go and let God.

When I first left my full time job to pursue my Dream full-time, my biggest fear was lack of finances. And for months, my cash flow would go in and out of being in the red. I have to fight against my very education and say, “I don’t know how it is all going to work out, but I am going to trust God.” I couldn’t control the finances in my own strength anymore.

I heard once a teaching about God answering prayer. That when we pray for something, oftentimes God delays answering our prayer because He is preparing an even bigger answer for us.

I pray all the time for financial freedom. It is one of my Big Dreams. And in my mind, it means not paying bills late, getting out of debt, being able to give generously.

When I took this faith journey and quit my job, I didn’t have a safety net of savings to fall back on. We had some clients and it was just enough to get by. But we needed more income to grow our business. I kept hearing God say to not worry about our bills, that He would take care of them. So I thought that meant that He would provide the money so that I would be able to pay every bill on time. That there would be no lack.

But that wasn’t always the case. And I just lived in the constant state of fear that bills would be late or our bank account with go negative. But for months we would have just enough.

And then it happened. Our client who normally paid on time delayed which caused our mortgage to get behind, our bank account to go negative and a few bills were paid late.  Things worked out and within a few weeks everything was paid. And you know what, the fear that I had been carrying broke.

Since then we got a new client and some other payments came in. And ever since that moment I feel such freedom financially. I don’t worry what my cash flow says will happen next month. I trust God and have faith.

I realize that in order for God to trust us with the finances for our Dream, we can’t allow fear to limit our faith. Fear can block God from blessing us.

Trusting God and not giving into fear doesn’t mean throwing out wisdom and being foolish with spending. What I mean is, when you know that God has called you to step out and to invest in your Dream that you do not allow fear or what a report tell you for whether or not you will listen to Him.

A few months ago we needed more income to cover additional expenses, but it didn’t look like we could make it happen. I felt God lead me to give a gift of $500 to a ministry we partner with. Then next day I signed an updated contract with one of our client for the monthly fee increasing to 10 times the amount we had given the day prior. That same week I also had my daycare out of the blue tell me what they were going to let me not have to pay for the two weeks we were going on vacation, which wasn’t their normal policy, and this was almost $500.

Trust Him and Believe Big for your Dream. Don’t let fear prevent you from Living Your Dream. And remember that God can do far more than you can hope or imagine.