Hi I’m Jennifer

I am a wife, mother, business owner, life coach, lover of God, and passionate about empowering other to be who God created them to be and to do what they were created to do. I live in Houston Texas with my husband, Jason, and our kids, Lily and Zachary. I am an Entrepreneur and own a business, JMiller Solutions, with my husband.

I have been a Dream Big kind of person all of my life. I have had some amazing adventures pursing these dreams and know the highs and lows that come from taking risk and following your dream. I have known success and also the heart ache of loss. I know what it is like to see God do far more than you can hope or imagine in your life. I know how it feels to have a passion burning in your heart and the struggle of trying to juggle that with working full time, having small children, lack of finances, and fighting to not give up under the pressure.

This is what drives me as a life coach and consultant, to Empower Others to Live Their Dream. It’s not because my life is perfect and it has been easy. I am passionate about helping other because it has been hard and I have fought, broken through and not given up. My current big dream is to be an inspirational speaker, to encourage others, and to empower people to be their true selves and do all that God created them to be. And I want to be able to do this while still being a fun mom and having time for date night with my husband. 🙂

My Professional Bio

Professionally, I am both a business woman and a minister. I used to feel a great conflict between these two pieces of myself. My natural talent for business felt at odds with my passion for God and ministering to others. I now realize that all of the business experience and education God is using as part of my ministry to others.

I have worked as an Accountant and business executive over the past 17 years, bringing transformation to people and organizations. I have had the privileged of working as the Director of Finance and HR for Global Awakening, an International Ministry founded by Randy Clark. I most recently, worked in Houston as a Controller for a Manufacturing company connected with the Gas and Oil Industry. I successfully launched my own company with my husband in 2016 and was able to leave my full time job at the beginning of 2017. I am now pursuing my dream to Empower Others to Live Their Dream.